New Year, New Camera

The “New Year, New Me” has been a repeated stereotype for almost everyone every single year. When the clock turns to midnight and the date resets to 01/01, there is a certain feeling of a new, fresh start. What we seem to forget is that time is really only a human concept and just because there is a new date, it does not mean that anything is going to change. However, we still all make new year’s resolutions; maybe not outloud, but I am sure that everyone has some deep inside.
Personally, I was never a fan of these; I think I made some over the years but, as expected, did not stick to them. Especially because they were clichés such as “I’m going to exercise more often, I am going to start studying and keep up with homework and I will not procrastinate.” …. right, Adéla, right, not even you ever believed that.
This year is not really much different. As much as I would like to not make any resolutions, I cannot escape it. But I would like to be realistic and have the resolutions mean something and help me grow as a person.
First of all, as a late Christmas gift, I have bought myself a new camera and therefore I have made a deal with myself that I will take and upload a single picture a day in order to get to know the camera as well as become one with it. (I mean, I have already procrastinated on that, but I swear I’ll start…tomorrow?)
Because the last four months of 2016, I was never home, I would actually like to spend more time at home and get back to my old own routine (yes, even if that means spending less time with my significant other *secretly hoping that does not happen*)
As a student, I know I am going to procrastinate regardless of what I say, but this semester, I only have one project and that I would like to keep up with. Already failed it once, no need to fail it twice, am I right?
But yes, to wrap this up; with this I would like to make a promise to myself to keep all of these and make sure that I work more on my creative side and to put it into everything I do. I have been keeping it to myself for too long and now is that time. Hopefully, I will take the first picture ever with my new camera so then I can start working on one picture a day.

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