This year came the day of June 24, and I was boarding a plane to Aruba with a one way ticket. I arrived on time, two and a half hour before the flight but the airport was so crowded that by the time I got to the baggage drop-off, it was almost 40 minutes to departure. One of the employees was checking my passport and my ticket, and started looking really concerned. Turns out that you are not allowed to travel with a Czech passport and a one way ticket to Aruba, simply because the island tries to regulate the amount of tourists entering and tourist are not allowed to stay longer than 30 days without a permit or a visa. There I was, stuck at the airport with the flight leaving in 40 minutes, my heart was pounding and I felt like I was going to cry. The lady behind the counter finally told me that she will let me go but once I arrive on the island, it is possible that the security can deny me from entering and make me pay a fine up to €5000 to be able to return back. And that was how my six month study abroad started – off to the left foot.
Fortunately, the security and policies in Aruba are not as strict as they make it seem (the airline was just trying to look for itself, so that I would not hold them liable in case something happened) and I was allowed to enter with no further problems. I decided to come two months before my school would start, to be able to enjoy the island for longer and of course, with my partner. Holiday for two months – who would say no, honestly.
Anyway, I have now been on the island for a month and a half and I have been … just really warm. It is a great place with friendly people (except for the creeps) and it was absolutely worth the struggle at the airport. My adventures here will continue until December.

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