How I get over a cold

It's the middle of winter here in the Netherlands but the weather here does not always reflect what the season is. It can be really cold in summer and also quite warm in winter. The constantly changing temperature means that my body has to adapt all the time and it does not manage to adapt, causing me to get a cold.
It happened again and I thought I would share how I get over a cold.

Lots of Rest

BedOf course, that goes without saying but I do feel that a lot of people underestimate this part. I spend at least one whole day doing nothing and chilling on the couch. I avoid going outside at all costs, and also avoid seeing people because I don't look my best when I have a cold. One day is usually enough to get my strength back, maximum two days. Although, the second day I get extremely bored...
Don't get confused, I don't only lay on the couch and do literally nothing. I watch movies and TV shows, as one would expect. I used to always watch all of Harry Potter movies when I was younger. Nowadays, I just browse Netflix and search for new shows to watch. Recently, I have discover a new Netflix original, The Good Place. I highly recommend.

Hot Tea

Hot tea in a cupThis must be my favorite part of being sick, you know - if there is such a thing as favorite about being sick. I basically survive on hot tea to help me sweat out the symptoms. I like to start the day with green tea to help me wake up and start up my body and then continue with fruity teas. Some of my favorite teas now include the Lipton teas (Morocco Mint or Intense Mint, I could not find the product page in English) and the Pickwick Caramelized Pear tea. And of course, add a spoon of honey to help soothe my throat and if I have, I squeeze some lemon juice to make sure I get more vitamin C.


Pills from a container

Medicine is actually one of the things that I try to avoid when I am sick. Having a common cold does not usually require that you take any medicine, unless the symptoms are too heavy. In my opinion (or rather my mom's opinion), you should wait with taking medicine as long as possible, especially with pain killers such as Paracetamol or Advil, because your body needs to be able to fight of the virus itself. This helps strengthen your immune system for the rest of the season. 
Of course, this does not really concern cough medicine, such as syrup or drops, as this can just make it more comfortable and pass by quicker. Oh, and I do highly suggest getting a nasal spray - that stuff does wonders and sometimes relieves so much that you don't even notice you are sick. Sure, it's kind of gross and uncomfortable but I would rather be uncomfortable for three seconds than not be able to breathe for three days.


Chicken Soup
I am a big fan of solving problems with food. Have a headache? Eat. Feel tired? Eat. Feel sick? Eat. 9/10 times it helps me, or at least makes me feel a bit better. Many times people are irritated because of hunger (also known as hangry). Generally speaking, people eat chicken soup when they are sick. This is a great way to get a lot of vitamins and protein as well as warm up your body from the inside. And, not to forget, it is delicious. If you are vegetarian, vegetable soup should also suffice. 
I used to be a big fan of just regular chicken soup my mom's style, with small noodles, small chicken pieces and some veggies. However, I have at least two soups that I prefer more - Chicken soup with semolina and Aruban chicken soup. One day, I will share the recipes because those should be known.

And how do you get over a cold? Let me know in the comments!

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