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This weekend was my birthday. Birthdays are exciting up until you are 21. After you turn 21, nothing legally changes for you. Only the society assumes that you are smarter the older you are. I still get excited to feel special for a day. I am excited for about a month before but as the day approaches, I realize that it will just be another day. This year was not much different except that I did feel special for a day. Funnily enough, that day was not the day of my actual birthday.

I am currently on internship where I have to work five days a week from 9 to 5. I took a day off on my birthday which left my colleagues in a tough situation. Normally, they decorate on the birthday but this time, they prepared it a day earlier. I was hoping that I would escape all of that attention but it was great. I asked in advance for chips instead of cake and they did not disappoint. There were in total 9 bags of chips of various flavors – pigs in blankets, salty caramel, onion and cheese, salt and vinegar and some plain salty. Needless to say, the whole team enjoyed snacking on those. 

My girlfriend works in a restaurant which means that she works in the evenings. That made is quite difficult to try to go to dinner or spend the whole day together. So as she was off also the day before my actual birthday, she took the opportunity and made me feel special earlier. When I got home from work, the place was all dark except for a bunch of candles. Alongside the candles, she also bought me black balloons, a bouquet of flowers (with my favorite blue roses) and two gifts. She kept asking me prior to my birthday what I would like to do but I didn’t know. I honestly expected that she was not going to do anything. But wow, was I surprised. 

After unpacking my gifts (a book Love letters of great men and women, and board game, apparently in English called Menschärgere Dich nicht) both of which I wanted, we went to one of my favorite restaurants. It is a small Italian restaurant in the center of The Hague called Giuliano’s. It is a tiny restaurant but has a real Italian chef, guaranteeing great quality of food. I have been there many times but it’s been a long time so I could not pass up on the opportunity. I had my usual – Spaghetti Carbonara. It is absolutely delicious. You can check out their full menu here

On my actual birthday, I enjoyed being able to sleep without an alarm. Ah, my favorite. I started off with having a cake for breakfast in bed which was also one of my gifts. On the day, I did not have any plans. I wanted to just go and walk around the city and see if I can find a pair of pants. We walked to the city through a cute neighborhood which happens to have a cat café called Ditjies &Katjes. I have never been there but I have always wanted to go. It was all that I expected it would be. To read more about my experience there, I will soon write up a review because that places definitely deserves one.

To summarize my overall experience, I had a great day – the day before my birthday. I was expecting that there would be no celebrations whatsoever, but that just made it so much more special. A huge thanks to my colleagues for giving me enough chips to last at least a month. Even a bigger thanks to my great girlfriend who made sure I felt loved. I can only hope that I will make her feel just as special when her birthday comes.

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