Aruba Butterfly Farm

To add to my selection of location reviews, I visited the Aruba Butterfly Farm when I was there in August. I visited Aruba for my exchange and spent almost six months there - find out more about my exchange here. I have never been to a butterfly farm before, only in zoos that have a section with butterflies. It has been on my bucked list for a long time to get a perfect picture of a butterfly. 

To start off, let me tell you a bit about the location. Obviously, it is located in Aruba and mainly serves as a tourist attraction. You can find it close to the main hotel area, Palm beach and next to the Bird Conservation area. You can find it on maps here. If you decide to go, make sure that you go towards the beginning of your vacation. When you buy a ticket, you have unlimited access until the end of your stay, meaning that you can come back as many times as you want. As a special, you can see the butterflies be born a few days of the week. The butterfly farm has its own gift shop and there are tours in the farm about once every 30 minutes. 

In the tour, you will learn everything about what kinds of butterflies you can find in the farm and in the wildlife of Aruba. Your guide will tell you about habits of butterflies and how they manage to survive in the nature. 

Are you wondering if you should pay a visit to this location? 

To answer this question, I would say yes. It will not make up for a whole day trip but it will definitely keep you occupied for a couple of hours. It is a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy the feel of nature. The butterflies are quite easy to spot and super interesting to watch and that is why I would recommend. The staff is friendly and hospitable (in my opinion above expectations) and cares about the lives of their butterflies. Keep in mind that it is an enclosed area and therefore can get a bit hot so I would recommend to go earlier in the morning. 

My experience was great, supported by all of the positive features that the farm provides. We were welcomed by the front desk who told us about the farm. He was helpful and allowed us to come back to the farm for up to two weeks after our visit. Once I entered the farm, I felt as if I entered another world. The peace, nature and environment combined create a welcoming place that will make you want to stay for hours. First, we browsed around the farm and tried to look for butterflies. They are constantly flying around, feeding and casually chilling all over the place. After a couple of minute, a guide came to collect visitors of the farm to tell us more information. He seemed passionate about his job and about the butterflies, being able to share many interesting facts and curiosities. For example, it takes many generations of butterflies for them to migrate from warmer areas to colder. One of the largest butterflies that you can find in the farm is the moth. You can see it below on the last photo.

As a photographer, I could not help but snap as many pictures as I could. The results were not disappointing but really made me wish I had a macro lens (on my bucket list for now 😭). Check a few of my photos below!

Would you like to know more about my experience? Don't hesitate to comment or ask me a question here.

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