April Favorites

I am not a beauty blogger and I will never be one. But a monthly series (or should I call it a haul) on my favorites does not sound half bad. With this post, I wold like to introduce my monthly posts on my favorite things. Make-up, electronics, food... anything,  even games.
Let me stop talking and get right in onto my April's favorites.

1. Smurf's Village

My Smurf Village
I am aware that it's quite childish but trust me on this one. Obviously, it is based on Smurfs and you have to build and sustain a village for them. Papa Smurf and others give you tasks to complete so you can regularly level up. Mostly, it involves farming and harvesting crops like strawberries and raspberries. Within the game, you also have several smaller games (like a bakery or a wood shop). These games are always there in case you want to kill some time. I used to play this game when it was initially released in 2010/2011 but stopped for a couple of years. I wanted to have a game that did not involve fighting but would let me regularly work on progress. Smurf's Village is perfect for it and not to mention super adorable! I unfortunately could not get back my original game so I started from the beginning. Find it here in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

2. Pigs in blankets flavored chips

If you read how I celebrated my birthday, you know that I received a bunch of chips from my colleagues. One of those was Tesco's Limited Edition Pings in blankets chips. Based on the wrapper, I assumed that they would sort of resemble actual pigs in blankets. After opening, I saw normal potato chips. But oh my, did that taste surprise me. Tesco did not disappoint with this flavor. The whole team enjoyed snacking on these the most and I could not resist them as well. If you are looking for chips that you can't resist, buy them! Side note: Not 100% sure, but it's possible that they are only available in the UK.

3. Reusable washable lint roller

I never had a problem with having hair on my clothes but now I have two cats. The cats are amazing but one of them is white. With shedding season and just in general, white cat hair, there was time for some drastic measures. Normal sticky lint rollers just were not doing it but I discovered that someone had the genius idea of inventing reusable and washable ones. That changes my world! I was skeptical about it but it works perfectly. And it is soooo satisfying to lift all of the hairs from my black couch. You can find one here on Amazon or here on Bol.com. They are a bit more expensive, but you have to keep in mind that you can just put it under water and the hair is gone in 10 seconds. And it's good to go again! It worked well for about two months but I also did not take such good care of it. Pro tip: If you are from the Netherlands, they also have them in Big Bazaar for much cheaper (around €1.50)😉

4. Carcassonne

Do you know how I figured out that I am getting old? I asked for board games for my birthday. One of the games was Carcassonne. I used to play it as a kid because one of my friends has it. But since I was 12, I could never find it anymore. I recently discovered that they often have it in shisha bars and remembered how much fun the game was. I did not want to be limited to shisha bars and asked for it. Luckily, my brother and I give each other budget friendly gifts and Carcassonne is not an expensive game. To tell you what the game is - you can play with two to four players. You start with one tile and build up cities, path ways, and rivers. Each players can call a dibs on a city or a path way and collect points. The player with most points wins. It is not a competitive game but more of a strategic game that challenges you. To find a better explanation, check out this link. You can buy it here on Amazon or here on Bol.com.

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