May Favorites

We’ve approached mid-May and it’s time for my monthly favorites. I started last month with my April Favorites and mentioned items such as games and chips. Not that those aren’t my favorites anymore but I like to appreciate the little things and give them recognition. Enjoy this month’s favorites!

1.       Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife special

Screenshot of Ali Wong's Netflix Special
Ali Wong is a comedian that I recently discovered on Netflix. Since then, I have probably re-watched her first special, Baby Cobra, almost ten times. Her humor has enlightened my mood on many days. It seems to me that every time I watch it, I discover a new joke. Her honesty and shamelessness are refreshing and mind opening. With her Hard Knock Wife special released on May 13, she went even deeper into the reality of females’ lives. Personally, I have not seen any other Asian comedian. Not to mention that she is one of the first female comedians who did not disappear after getting pregnant (her own words). If you are ever looking for a comedian who is brutally honest and makes many inappropriate jokes, watch one of her specials. I guarantee that you will crack up laughing at least once.

2.       Recuva

Badly recovered imageIs this the first time you are seeing this word? That is okay, I had no idea what it was until about a week ago. As a photographer, SD cards are my friends. I have multiple and I have to rely on technology to function properly so that I don’t lose my precious images. Unfortunately, last week technology let me down and erased about 500 images from my SD card. Images that I have not saved anywhere else. Images from a weekend when my parents visited me. As you can imagine, quite important images for me. After searching for a solution, I landed on Recuva; a program that will restore deleted files. I cannot say that it is perfect, but it’s free and gave back 99% of my lost images. Some of the images unfortunately came out looking like the one on the right and the featured image, but that is a small price to pay. Out of all the images, only about 5 came messed up. So if you ever lose any images, I would highly recommend this program. It is easy to use and user-friendly. However, I discovered that it will recover almost every single file that you have ever deleted. Yes, by that I mean that it recovered more than 5000 images, including those from 2014. But still, I am a satisfied customer!

3.       ONLY

This is not exactly an item but a clothing brand. I used to be a loyal customer of H&M for many reasons – accessibility, pricing, style... I am not a fashionable person but I know what I like. H&M always had clothes that I liked; they were simple, comfortable and affordable. It is a challenge to find pants that would fit me as well. I am a short person (about 158 cm), and therefore I have shorter legs. The problem area is always my butt because that is the area where I am not small. I would find pants that are either too long but fit my butt or the right size but I cannot get them to zip. I relied on H&M for many years but lately, their pant shapes have changed. I can no longer find something to fit me and it does not complement my body shape. I am sure that many ladies have been in the same situation. Until I discovered ONLY. It is not a very well-known brand but I need to give them recognition. They make pants for short women with larger buttocks! And they always make me feel attractive and pretty. What more could a girl want from pants? If you have the same issues, visit their store and try it out. Even though they are a stylish brand, they are still affordable and have nice clothes.

4.  Becky G, Natti Natasha – Sin Pijama

Screenshot of Becky G and Natti Natasha
Because I am mainly in contact with friends from Latin America, I easily adapt their habits. One of those habits is music. I have fallen in love with reggaeton and similar music. Especially for going out, I choose my go-to places based on the style of music. The latest release, which is probably a little controversial, is Sin Pijama from Becky G and Natti Natasha. You can find it on Youtube or Spotify. Now, I don’t really know what they are saying because I don’t speak Spanish but the video is a story on its own. The video shows exactly how sexist and stereotypical today’s society is. The two beautiful ladies are having a sleep over and what does a man think? An unrealistic sexy night where the ladies dress in uncomfortable revealing clothing and act like sexual objects. If you finish the video, they included a snippet of what sleepovers are actually like; girls sitting on bed in their casual pajamas with green masks on, scrolling social media. If anything, I am thankful for the message they are sending and for the image they are trying to set to women. And the song on its own is on my repeat list at the moment, so put your headphones in, turn the sounds up and enjoy ;)e on

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