June Favorites

May has been a long month but I am excited as summer is approaching. Everything is blooming, animals are active and there are a lot of baby animals. It has been an eventful month for me – at my internship, exams, birthdays and events. For the first time this year, I had plans every weekend and got myself out of the house. My girlfriend’s birthday came so I was looking for a gift. My parents visited me early in the month and we went for many trips. At my internship, we have been all busy with recent changes and work load. I honestly feel that I was productive and deserve a little pat on my back. Between all these activities, I of course did not forget to appreciate the little things. Here’s the list of my favorites.

Steel mugs

MugYourself Custom MugOne of my best friends gave me a custom steel mug for my birthday. It is a small cute cup with a funny and accurate design. Needless to say, it quickly became my favorite cup. However, my girlfriend was jealous because she also loves steel mugs. With her birthday approaching, I searched and searched my options and finally landed on MugYourselfon Etsy. The seller, Karol, will create a custom mug and ship it to you for a reasonable price. I chose MugYourself mostly because I could order only one cup and did not have to be limited to a big amount. The cup almost got lost in the mail but that was not the seller’s mistakes. On the end, I managed to locate it and got it. I am satisfied with the result so I can only recommend!

Cloudy/misty weather 

Trains in misty weatherEven though I mentioned that I am excited for the upcoming summer, it is not my favorite weather. My favorite weather is actually grey chilly weather. I know what you are thinking – who could possibly like that kind of weather? I know, it is not exactly the best but I have my reasons. First of all, I enjoy wearing pants and a hoodie. I enjoy snuggling under a blanket and binge watching Netflix. I love taking pictures with the soft light. I wouldn’t want this kind of weather every day but there is just something about it. And realistically, it is just a bit more practical when you have to run errands and go to work. Who wants to commute in a sweaty bus/metro/tram to work? No one. Ergo, chilly weather. Also, have you seen the beautiful pictures that you can take when it’s misty?

Splash umbrellas

Rain happens, especially in the Netherlands. Throughout my life, I have been through countless umbrellas that could not withstand the weather conditions. I am sure that everyone has been there, the moment that your umbrella turns inside out due to the wind. There is nothing you can do. At some point, I noticed that there has only been one umbrella that lasted for years. It is a simple small black umbrella from Splash. My mom bought it in a cheap drug store for a low price. She did not think twice about the purchase, it was actually a coincidence. Despite its low price, it has been with me for years. It is small, light and long lasting. Over the years, I have considered even being loyal to the brand because of the quality.

Petting zoos

Feeding bunnies
There is an interesting that the Dutch do in larger cities – place petting zoos for the kids to visit and get in touch with nature and domestic animals. In The Hague, there are quite a few – DeWoelige Stal, KinderboerderijHerweijerhoeve, Stadboerderijde Gagelhoeve and much more (excuse me if I spelled it wrong). It has become a habit for me to visit them. They usually have cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and chickens. Recently, they also added pigs. Many of them also have a barn cat. A perfect place to relax and get in touch with nature. If you have one nearby, take your leftover veggies and fruits and support a good cause. It certainly helps avoid waste.

Ducklings, goslings, cygnets... any baby animals

This goes hand-in-hand with petting zoos. Especially in the Netherlands where there are a lot of canals and therefore a lot of water animals. With spring come many babies and oh, who could resist the fluffiness. This year, I decided to not take too many pictures and instead observe and absorb the beauty.

Tune in next month for more of my favorites! If you want to read more, here you can find my April and May favorites.

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